What is modern calligraphy?

I'm learning how to answer that more and more with each piece I create. I do tend to create on an iPad, so I guess that's part of the reason for the adjective modern. But calligraphy is almost an ancient art form.

I am obsessed with thoughtful typography and calligraphy. It brings me joy to see my designs brought to life in the form of home decor and invitations for weddings and baby showers.

To me, modern calligraphy brings both the classic approach to letter form and a bouncy, artistic flair together. Letter by letter, word by word, and phrase by phrase, I build a piece to tell a story. My workflow is digital, staying true to modern calligraphy at its best. What does this mean? Check out my Instagram for videos and a behind the scenes view of each piece.

If you letter on an iPad Pro as well, you've found the right place! When it comes to calligraphy, practice makes progress, especially on the iPad Pro!