Create a Modern and Sophisticated Hand Addressed Envelope

"The Basics": Beginner Hand Addressed Envelope 

Class, 2 hours long

This class is designed for the DIY bride-to-be, wedding planner, event-planner extraordinaire, or anyone who has some big aspirations for this year's Christmas cards. We all know there is nothing quite like receiving a beautifully hand addressed card - after this class you be ready to create some beautiful snailmail for someone else! This class will use modern and sophisticated hand lettering to create more formal hand addressed envelopes. No prior knowledge of calligraphy or script writing is required but would be helpful. A basic review of script writing is suggested prior to class. If you've taken our basic "Hand lettering and modern calligraphy class" you'll be all set.

We will do a brief overview of modern script techniques and faux calligraphy. Then we'll move on to composing the envelope in 3 different styles and mediums. We cover common classic envelope and ink colors, lettering styles, and envelope addressing etiquette. Drinks including water and wine provided.

What you get: Calligraphy brush pen and the "Hewitt Avenue Hand lettering and Calligraphy Workbook"!

Supplies included: 4 practice envelopes, basic calligraphy brush pen, watercolor brush, white ink pen, practice paper, and the "Hewitt Avenue Modern and Sophisticated Hand Addressed Envelope Workbook"

The original Hewitt Avenue Hand Modern and Sophisticated Hand Addressed Enveloped Workbook, a $20 value, is included with your class fee!

Upcoming Classes:

When: TBD

Where: TBD

Cost: $60

Registration will be open soon!