If this is the first time we are meeting, welcome!

My name is Sarah. I am the passionate woman behind Hewitt Avenue. I didn't always plan on having a creative business. In fact, just a few years ago, I was working my butt off in medical school and starting to feel the weight and exhaustion that comes along with it.

At 24, I took a year to refocus and worked on a Masters in Public Health. All of the sudden, I had more free time and naturally developed new hobbies including...calligraphy and hand lettering. Little did I know that I had started a journey to building my little corner of the internet. Today, you can find me either rushing around the hospital, training to be a Family Physician or you can find me at my Mac computer in my home office (puppies at my feet, cold coffee nearby) cultivating this small business. 

I should've known that the girl who would set up a lemonade stand on a Monday afternoon in a rural Minnesota town of 400 people would grow to become an entrepreneur someday.

Moving Across the Country and Growing a Lettering and Calligraphy Business

Nestled in St. Paul, MN, Hewitt Avenue opened in 2014 as an online graphic design and stationary online store offering digital art prints and invitations. Several years later, a graduation from medical school, and a move across the country to South Carolina...Now I love that I get to take my skills to teach you how to letter and grow a hobby or successful lettering business. Don't worry, I still offer all of my invitations, prints, lettering brushes, plus so so much more.


Remember to look for our signature calligraphy style and original illustrations featured throughout the store. Follow along on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook for new designs and promotions!